Fuel Supply, Storage and Management for Australian Industries

Delta Specialised Energy offers innovative and specialist fuel solutions for Australian businesses in all corners of the country.

We offer bulk fuel supply, storage and fuel management systems across a range of industries, including Transport, Logistics, Power Generation, Agriculture, Marine, Civil Infrastructure, Mining and Rail.

Our Services Across a Range of Industries

Transport Industry

Bulk fuel supply and proper storage are imperatives for the transport and logistics industries, where small savings are multiplied over thousands of litres.


We work with agricultural fuel management systems, from time efficiency during operation to long-term fuel storage during off-seasons.

Marine Industry

We supply reliable ‘direct-to-vessel’ refuelling services all across Australia.

Power Generation

Specialising in time-sensitive backup power refuelling services direct to power generation equipment.

Civil Infrastructure

We offer on-site bulk fuel delivery for civil infrastructure and construction companies, to keep your work site humming at top efficiency with fuel supply security.

Meeting Your Project Needs

Our team works closely with our clients to understand the range of requirements that make their project needs unique. No matter which industry your business represents, we have the experience to deliver the solutions to match or exceed your project needs.

Broad Services for Broad Industries

To match our versatile range of client industries, our services range from on-site fuel storage, to emergency refuelling, to centralised fuel management systems.

Get in touch with us for what specialist fuel management systems are ideal for your business.

A range of fuel supply solutions from Deltaspec.
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