Providing Innovative Fuel Management Systems Australia-wide

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Delta Specialised Energy is an Australian Owned & Operated fluid energy supply specialist. We provide complete package turn-key services to a range of industries.

Proudly focused on providing our customers with modern & practical solutions in Australia’s changing business landscape

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Fuel Solutions

  • National bulk fuel supply
  • Premium and BioFuel specialists
  • Storage tank supply and solutions
  • Emergency refuelling services
  • Remote Location Refuelling
A range of fuel supply solutions from Deltaspec.
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Bulk Storage Tanks

  • Steel Bunded tanks of 1,000 – 110,000 L
  • Portable on-site tank solutions
  • BioDiesel specific storage tanks
  • Fuel management systems
  • Ad-blue & oil supply services
A range of fuel supply solutions from Deltaspec.
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Renewable Fuels

  • Complete biodiesel supply solutions
  • Premium renewable fuels
  • Carbon abatement programs
  • B100 lubrication supply solutions
  • BioDiesel Transition Programs
A range of fuel supply solutions from Deltaspec.

Rely on Our Expertise in Fuel Management Systems

Our fuel storage tank solutions and fuel management systems are designed to find the perfect balance between improving operating efficiency, reducing costs, maintaining safety and combating emissions. 

Our team of experienced professionals work closely with our clients to identify and analyse their unique project requirements. The solutions we deliver utilise state-of-the-art technology alongside leading engineering innovation.

The Benefits of our Fluid Management Systems

Our fuel supply and management systems allow for the complete automation and synchronisation of all fuel usage, leading to centralised control, monitoring and analysis of your fuel consumption and efficiency.

When you require innovative solutions for on-site fuel storage, reliable refuelling services & professional, personal customer service – our team is there for you.

Transport Industry

Bulk fuel supply and proper storage are imperatives for the transport and logistics industries, where small savings are multiplied over thousands of litres.


We work with agricultural fuel management systems, from time efficiency during operation to long-term fuel storage during off-seasons.

Marine Industry

We supply reliable ‘direct-to-vessel’ refuelling services all across Australia.

Power Generation

Specialising in time-sensitive back up power refuelling services direct to power generation equipment.

Get in touch with us for innovative and customised solutions in bulk fuel supply and fuel management systems.

A range of fuel supply solutions from Deltaspec.
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